Morris Hospital names Brandon Benson June Fire Starter of the Month

June Fire Starter of the Month Brandon Benson.

Morris Hospital has named Cath Lab technologist and Coal City resident Brandon Benson its Fire Starter of the Month for June.

Benson joined Morris Hospital in 2010 as a radiologic technologist in the imaging services department, but he had his sights set on working in the Cath Lab, the area of the hospital where physicians perform tests and procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease.

Since becoming part of Morris Hospital’s Cath Lab team in 2016, Benson has made an incredible impact on patients, co-workers and physicians. He has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, kind, extraordinary individual who gives so much of himself daily that he’s been called the “backbone” of the Cath Lab. Benson was selected as Morris Hospital’s Fire Starter of the Month for June.

“Brandon always exhibits a can-do attitude,” said Jori Christensen, Director of Cardiovascular Services at Morris Hospital. “He’s a great critical thinker and trouble shooter. He’s level headed and stays calm in critical situations. He has strong bonds with physicians, and he’s a great advocate for patients.”

Benson said he always felt that working in the Cath Lab would be rewarding and interesting.

“In many cases, we have the ability to turn the worst day of someone’s life into a positive outcome,” Benson said. “There aren’t too many instant gratifications like that in healthcare. The teamwork and critical care that comes with the Cath Lab has always been exciting to me.”

Danielle Skelton, a registered nurse in the Cardio Diagnostics department, nominated Benson for Fire Starter of the month. Skelton said that Morris Hospital is blessed to have such an extraordinary employee who gives so much daily.

“Brandon provides extraordinary care to patients with his vast knowledge base and inspires others through his leadership and illuminating characteristics,” said Skelton. “He is so humble that he does not even realize how much of a positive impact he makes every day.”

Benson has taken on additional roles and responsibilities, including mentoring and educating new employees. He has a calm demeanor and strong critical thinking skills, which enables him to provide valuable input. Because of that, he’s been asked to serve on the team preparing for the upcoming updates to the Cath Lab at Morris Hospital.

When reflecting on the dream job that he worked so hard to secure and now has made such a monumental impact, Benson said he enjoys working with the physicians and his co-workers, interacting with patients, and being close to home. His greatest reward comes in knowing that he is helping patients and their families.

“When patients come to us, they’re pretty stressed because they’re concerned about the outcome,” he said. “It’s nice to be able to put them at ease, make them comfortable, and help them get through it.”

In early civilizations, fire starters were individuals who had the important job of keeping the flame alive. With over 1,400 employees, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is the largest employer in Grundy County.

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