Kendall County sheriff’s deputy looks out for those who need help

Kendall County Sheriff Deputy Paul Kubinski.

Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Kubinski is out to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

Kubinski is the coordinator of the mental health and the elderly services programs at the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office.

“He’s done a great job in getting people connected with resources and making sure that people aren’t forgotten about,” Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Briars said. Briars is public information officer for the sheriff’s office.

“It is a collaboration between law enforcement, our social services and our seniors.”

—  Deputy Paul Kubinski, Kendall County Sheriff’s Office

“That was a role that we didn’t have previously,” Briars said. “It’s definitely a hugely beneficial role.”

Last year, the sheriff’s office was involved in 204 mental health crisis intervention incidents. Fellow deputies responding to calls sometimes pass on information to Kubinski so those people are connected with the resources they need.

The sheriff’s office also has a Citizen At Risk voluntary program designed to assist with the safe return of persons who may be at greater risk of becoming confused, disoriented, lost or missing. The program allows parents, children of senior parents or seniors of sound mind to register with the sheriff’s office and create a record for that person in the event that person is lost or missing, possibly in danger or easy prey for criminals because of their special needs.

Kubinski has been with the sheriff’s office since April 2009. He is chairman of Kendall County TRIAD, whose mission is to empower seniors with knowledge and encourage them to have an active role in keeping their communities safe and to promote older adult safety and facilitate information between seniors and community agencies.

“It is a collaboration between law enforcement, our social services and our seniors,” Kubinski said. “What we’re trying to do is continue with what TRIAD was really designed for. We’re trying to bring awareness.”

The group hosts town hall meetings to understand the concerns of seniors in the area.

“We want to hear from the seniors,” Kubinski said. “We don’t want to stand up there and lecture.”

A spring resource fair is scheduled for late May along with a scam awareness event in November. Kendall County TRIAD partners with Oswegoland Senior and Community Center in Oswego.