New Member Benefits for Oswego Area Chamber members

Oswego Chamber of Commerce - New Member Benefits for Oswego Area Chamber members

We are constantly looking at ways to do things better and offer more benefits to our members and starting in July we have new options for our businesses who are hiring and our non-for profits and here they are:

If you are hiring for any position – you just need to send us the details whether it be an email or a flyer. We have already been putting those announcements on our Facebook pages and our website and NEW if they are emailed to us by the 25th of the month, we will be putting them all into an email that gets mailed to our entire contact list or members, potential members and community emails. You never know when someone may be looking or have a neighbor, friend or family member who is looking for a job.

For our non for profits – they have many events, fundraisers and other activities throughout the year that they need either sponsors, attendees and volunteers for. They just need to email us their flyers or verbiage of what they need by the 25th of the month and we will send an email the first week of the month with all that information to our entire content list as well as post on our Facebook pages and website. We will also get it on our online calendar for the public to find.

We are here to help all our businesses get the word out about their products, services, events and needs. We only refer businesses who are members of the chamber and we enjoy helping to make connections between business to business and business to consumer.

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