May 27, 2022
Letters to the Editor

Letter: Saving our democracy


To the Editor:

While reading an article titled “What the average citizen can do about the demise of U.S. democracy,” I found that the suggestions were plain common sense. However, I believe one very important item was omitted. That item is what our military members sacrificed to keep us a democracy. Some gave up their limb or limbs, eyesight, disfigurement, hearing, mental stability and their precious lives.

Google American military cemeteries and you can see how many lie buried in them. But that’s not all of them. Some were buried at sea, some were disintegrated in a plane, some were burned to death, some are buried in foreign lands, some were MIAs and some are unknown deaths.

Everyone should take time out and think of these heroes and what they gave up for our democracy. Maybe you just might give up the notion of changing our United States.

George Hayner