Letters to the Editor

Letter: Colin Powell

To the Editor:

“An ordinary man who did extraordinary things.” That was one of the tributes offered for General Colin Powell at his funeral.

I had a cool idea to bring you about climate change, but I want to say a word about gen. Powell and his funeral service. The service was done with great dignity; it paid real tribute to a man who did extraordinary things.

From his son we learned the general was also a warm and loving father. The dignity of the service certainly honored him. We also heard about his insatiable curiosity as to how things worked – not always successful as when he took apart a family car (his son’s?). He got it back together but it never again ran forward. As a person so imposing by his rank, it was surprising to know of the general as a man with a sense of humor. I appreciated the son’s remark that his greatest fear was that he would disappoint his father. This was true in our family also. Let us offer thanks to national TV for bringing us this experience.

Rev. Bob Dell