Letter: Library book sale thanks

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To the Editor:

Thank you, Yorkville, for supporting the Yorkville Public Library with your purchase of so many books at the Friends of the Library’s 14th annual Used Book Sale. We saw a record number of people and made over $8,100, all of which is used to fund library programs and services for the community.

Many volunteers were involved in this fundraiser. Shelley Augustine, library director, was always present and supportive of this event. Co-chairs of the Used Book Sale were Sue Smithmeyer and Sharon Mix. So many people were needed to pull things together, from setting up tables, moving boxes, unpacking the donated books and positioning signs.

Twenty volunteers helped with the set-up, and Yorkville High School coaches Jason Schmitt and Jory Regnier brought their awesome students (about 40 of them) to move boxes of books to the proper places for the book sale. We are grateful for their help.

The two days of the sale were amazingly busy, and 24 volunteers helped by working at the three check-out stations, giving directions, keeping books in order and answering questions. Over 1,300 people came through the doors of the library just on the first day of the sale.

The Sunday clean-up crew worked to consolidate boxes of books, take down tables and generally put the library back in order.

This year, left-over books were offered free to the community, and approximately 4,000 books were taken.

Thank you, everyone, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the sale next year.

Judy Somerlot

Friends of the Yorkville Public Library