Letter: The issue of term limits

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To the Editor:

I realize that raising the issue of term limits to politicians is a lot like telling professional athletes that there should be limits on what they should be paid.

We recently had the ComEd bribery scandal that saw lifelong pols lining up to grant favors for money.

Now we have the case of California Sen. Diane Feinstein. This lady has been in politics longer than my 53-year-old-son has been alive. She is back in Washington after a long bout with shingles. She looks every day of her 90 years. If she would resign, Democrats would not lose a Senate seat. Governor Newsome would simply appoint another Democrat.

My question is this: Diane, what are you trying to accomplish? Go home to California. Is the limelight that strong that you can’t stop?

Of course, she’s not alone. Durbin, Grassley, Schumer and others – give it up already. Maybe some fresh faces and ideas would be good in government. Serve for 10 or 12 years and move on.

Don Lass