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Letter: Committed to community service

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To the Editor:

I’ve known Darren Crawford for over 20 years and am confident that he’d be an asset to the Yorkville School Board. Darren’s intelligence, strong values and extensive experience make him the perfect candidate.

Darren is committed to community service and is passionate about bringing trust and communication to our community. He serves on the Citizens Advisory Council for Yorkville’s School Board, has been a trustee on the Yorkville Public Library Board and is the board’s president.

The qualities I admire most about Darren is his willingness to acknowledge all points of view and work as a team player in decision-making. Darren possesses a combination of approachability, commitment and employment experience that allows him to work well with diverse populations.

Darren’s employment with Fermilab for 28 years, including his positions as engineering physicist and operations coordinator, will bring a welcome level of expertise and fiscal responsibility.

Darren currently manages a portion of the $1 billion budget for one of Fermilab’s accelerator projects. The Yorkville school district has a multimillion-dollar spending budget. Large institutions require decision-makers with expertise in finance.

It’s important to have a representative who has a daughter in the school district, and one who graduated. Darren appreciates the outstanding education his daughters received and supports expanding course opportunities to focus on the trades, especially during a time where trade jobs are high in demand.

Having served as a school board member myself, I am confident Darren’s leadership skills, commitment and passion make him the best choice for the board position.

Seaver Tarulis

Alderman, Ward 4