Letter: Pritzker did it anyway

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To the Editor:

If you know what you are about to do is unconstitutional, why would you do it? But Pritzker did it anyway with his new assault rifle ban. If Democrats are so interested in your safety, why are they so rabid about banning a specific type of rifle when the death toll from all types of rifles is less than 500 people a year, but Fentanyl killed around 79,000 in two years (2020-21), and they still won’t talk about stopping its flow across the border? Apparently, an appreciation of reality is not to be found in the Democratic toolbox.

Also, under the heading of “How Dumb Can You Get,” high-capacity magazine bans. If you own a 3D printer, some music wire and a tool to bend that wire, you can make high-capacity magazines for just about any firearm.

One of these days, a Democrat is going to shock me and propose a law that does not restrict the rights and daily lives of law-abiding citizens. In the meantime, you may rest easy in the knowledge that your Democrats are doing whatever it takes to protect criminals from the law and law-abiding citizens.

Charles Christensen