Letter: A lie is a lie

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

I truly don’t intend to be a frequent writer to the Forum, but there are times I read someone’s article that is so absurd and irresponsible, I must respond.

It was anticipated that someone would write about George Santos’ lie, but it’s irresponsible for the writer to conclude the Republican Party is the party of hate and lies, while turning a blind eye to his own party. Who really represents We the People? Liars from both parties. That is the truth, not the one-sided nonsense I read last week. A lie is a lie. Liberal Democrats might think their lies are minor and justified, but they remain lies. If our representatives lie to us, they have no place representing us.

Let’s play a fair game of Fire the Liar? You pick Santos. No contest. He’s out. I’m going to bypass the Liar in Chief, for now, but Biden makes Trump look like a choirboy when it comes to lies and destruction of our nation. I’ll take Adam Schiff. He’s lied to us for seven years about having enough to indict Trump, when he never had anything. Always a timely lie to defame the president, with no recourse. Santos and Schiff, out. Your turn.

In the end, there will be about 100 or less representatives and senators left to work on our behalf. And, finally, what good has come from this exchange? If one is trying to persuade, getting there by sharing more inaccuracies and lies is inappropriate from responsible citizens.

Steve Cope