Letter: Need change from the inside


To the Editor:

To the many individuals who would like to regulate guns and support abortion rights, here is some data.

Total U.S. military deaths by the use of guns (1776-2014): 1.5 million.

Total U.S. gun-related deaths (1989 to 2014): 1.2 million

Total U.S. deaths by abortion (1973-2022): 63 million. Yes 63 million deaths. Abortion is an epidemic. Perhaps we should regulate medical scalpels to reduce abortions deaths. Instead, let’s look at some root causes of these issues.

Many murders are done by young males without fathers or stable families, males with mental health issues or people with abnormal social behavior.

Many abortions are done [for] young women without financial, emotional or physical support. What we should focus on is the fact that we have a society of broken families and broken people. They lack support, a loving family and often love for themselves. We have people dying from guns and scalpels because someone is fearful and angry, and they have no help.

At one time, our society had moral standards that upheld honor, respect and compassion for each other. Our guns and scalpels were used to save lives. A human life was precious. Now life is, well, disposable. And unless and until we can change from the inside, we will never see change on the outside.

Susan Brambert Shields