Kendall County Building Permits

January 2022 building permits issued

Jan. 4, change in occupancy, 325 South Route 31 LLC, 275 Route 31, Oswego

Jan. 4, generator, Sean and Sherry Smith, 6217 Legacy Circle, Yorkville

Jan. 4, solar, Kurian Thomas and Cheyenne Cassidy, 4122 Steam Mill Court, Oswego

Jan. 4, solar, Jonahatan Saavedra Sandoval and Claudia Velasquez Ruiz, 13871 Hale Road, Plano

Jan. 11, house, McCue Development Inc., 5556 Whitetail Ridge Drive, Yorkville

Jan. 13, remodel, Frank and Jennifer Gentile, 606 Wacker Drive, Yorkville

Jan. 18, deck, Neil and Jennine Kristianson, 9175 N. Stonewall Drive, Newark

Jan. 18, electrical upgrade, Francine Powell and Anthony Edmonds, 7 Knollwood Drive, Montgomery

Jan. 13, solar, Scott and Kristin Friestad, 16950 Quarry Road, Morris

Jan. 13, solar, Gerald and Winifred Mendell, 17 Greenfield Road, Montgomery

Jan. 20, solar, Jose Gonzalez, 6 Ashlawn Avenue, Montgomery

Jan. 27, generator, Keith and Jessica Mouis, 6160 Red Gate Lane, Yorkville