Plant Perennials Once to Enjoy for Multiple Years

Countryside Flower Shop - Elburn - Plant Perennials Once to Enjoy for Multiple Years

The only thing better than a yard full of beautiful blooming plants is a yard where the beautiful plants return every year, effortlessly. That’s the goal of perennial gardening, according to the experts at Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery & Garden Center in Elburn.

Perennials can be plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Most don’t reach their full size or flower capacity until year three or four after planting. Flowering perennials may not always bloom the first year, but with proper care, will bloom in subsequent years. Perennials will have a rest period during their life cycle, where the plant will go dormant to prepare for the next season.

Countryside adds that perennials need varying amounts of sun, shade, and water based on the plant variety, so check its label for exact instructions for success. Planting a sun-loving perennial such as daisies in full sun will help ensure bright blooms throughout the season.

Adequate watering specific to the variety of plant adds to its success. Countryside suggests mulching around your perennials, which shades the plants’ roots to keep them healthier, and retains moisture from the soil. Plus, as the mulch disintegrates, it releases nutrients and prevents weeds from growing nearby.

Countryside cautions homeowners to make sure that the mulch doesn’t touch the crown or base of the perennial, because that can cause issues with pests and plant rot. Keep the mulch under the foliage. And remember to remove dead flowers from a perennial, which will encourage more blooms to grow.

Some popular varieties of perennials available at Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery, & Garden Center in Elburn include lupine, surprise lily, goldenrod, Cinderella swamp milkweed, butterfly flower and bush, columbine, anise hyssop, yarrow, hardy aster, dianthus, salvia, phlox, sedum, hosta, and many more.

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