Kane County Chronicle Athlete of the Week: Anthony Solare, St. Charles East, golf, sophomore

St. Charles East sophomore Anthony Solare. Photo courtesy of St. Charles East athletics.

Name: Anthony Solare

School: St. Charles East, sophomore

Sport: Golf

Why he was selected: Solare, a St. Charles East sophomore, placed fourth at the DuKane Conference meet last week with a 74. Solare was voted Athlete of the Week by voters. Here is his interview with Jacob Bartelson.

Bartelson: Where did you get your start for golf and what does the sport mean to you?

Solare: My dad first introduced me to the sport at a very young age and I instantly fell in love with it. It has taught me patience, discipline and the importance of perseverance. It’s a sport that challenges me both mentally and physically with every round. Beyond the competition, it has also given me lifelong friendships and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the golf course.

Bartelson: What’s an underappreciated aspect of the sport you wish the general public understood about the game as a whole? Why?

Solare: I feel like the sport as a whole is very underestimated, often looked at as a leisure sport. One thing I think the general public should know is that it’s not as easy as it looks. Precision matters, mental toughness, constant learning and sometimes challenging is the beauty of the game.

Bartelson: What has golf taught you that you can apply to your everyday life?

Solare: Golf has impacted several valuable life lessons like patience, resilience, focus and concentration, discipline, sportsmanship, adaptability and goal setting.

Bartelson: If you had an opportunity to have an hourlong swing lesson and money was no object, who would you choose to have one with and why?

Solare: I would definitely choose Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is not only one of the greatest golfers of all time, but also incredibly knowledgeable and an experienced teacher of the game. His insights into the mechanics and mental aspect of golf would be invaluable for anyone looking to improve their swing. Plus, learning from a legend like Tiger Woods would be a once- in-a-lifetime experience that could greatly enhance my golfing skills.