State Rep. Matt Hanson pleads guilty to DUI

Court: Hanson sentenced to 12 months of supervision, a fine, 100 hours community service

State Rep. Matthew Hanson, D-Montgomery, was charged with driving under the influence and driving wit a blood alcohol content greater than 0.08%.

ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP – State Rep. Matthew B. Hanson, D-Montgomery, pleaded guilty Dec. 19 to driving under the influence in an agreement that included not being prosecuted for having a blood-alcohol content over 0.08%, court records show.

Hanson was charged Oct. 27 with driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol content greater than 0.08%, according to police reports and court records.

According to the police report, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, police found Hanson, 50, asleep in his vehicle in the parking lot of the Holly Ridge Apartments, 2260 Jericho Road, Montgomery, where he lives.

According to the officer’s sworn statement in court records, Hanson’s blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.186%, more than double the legal limit of 0.08%.

Hanson is to be on court supervision for 12 months, until Dec. 19, 2024, perform 100 hours of community service at any nonprofit organization, pay a fine of $3,555, be evaluated, attend counseling and receive treatment, according to court records.

Also as terms of his supervision, Hanson is not to drive without a valid license, not to have any other traffic or similar criminal violations and he is to attend a victim impact panel.

In an email, Hanson wrote, “I plan to abide by all the terms of court supervision. My focus is on the work I need to do for myself and for the people who have entrusted me to represent them.”

Hanson’s attorney Brick Van Der Snick said his client was not treated any differently.

“He was not given any preferential treatment. He pled guilty to the charge of DUI, was put on a deferred sentence of court supervision. If, at the conclusion of the sentence, he completed all the terms required by the court and ordered, the DUI will be satisfactorily closed without a conviction,” Van Der Snick said. “He’s got to have a breath machine in his car in order to drive during his six-month statutory license suspension. He accepted and took full responsibility for his actions.”

In an email statement last month, Hanson wrote, “I am deeply disappointed by my own conduct and I accept full responsibility for my actions. I’m committed to ensuring this is the only time I ever exercise such poor judgment. I plan to undergo an alcohol evaluation, complete any treatment or education that evaluation recommends and accept all terms the court deems fit. My focus is on the work I need to do for myself and for the people who have entrusted me to represent them.”

Because of a conflict in prosecution, Kane County State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser recused herself from the case.

Associate Judge Rene Cruz approved an agreement to have the village of Montgomery’s local prosecutor Peter Buh prosecute Hanson, records show.

Hanson previously had served on the Kane County Board. He was elected in November 2018 to complete an unexpired two-year term in District 6.

Last year, Hanson defeated incumbent Republican Keith Wheeler to serve in Illinois House District 83.

Hanson’s seat is up in the Nov. 5, 2024, general election. He faces a primary challenge from Arad Boxenbaum on March 19, 2024.