Geneva rejects electric substation bid: $800K over cost estimate

Staff to rebid, hope for better price

Geneva town sign

GENEVA – Geneva alderpersons unanimously voted Monday to reject a bid for construction of an electric substation because it was $800,000 more than the estimated cost.

The city received one bid, which was opened Sept. 5, for the substation. The bid was from Haugland Energy Group of Melville, New York, to build the substation for Geneva Business Park III, Assistant City Administrator Benjamin McCready said.

The engineer’s estimate was almost $1.1 million.

“In light of the price received and the only bidder responding, staff will rebid the work in anticipation of a better response,” McReady said.

The substation is being built in anticipation of the electrical load growth that will be needed in the Geneva Business Park on the city’s east side as it is developed.

Earlier this year, the City Council approved an almost $1.2 million contract for a new electric transformer for the business park.