Thank you letters to Daily Chronicle Area Veterans

AgriNews will dedicate its Nov. 8 online and Nov. 10 print editions to veterans to thank them for their selfless service and dedication to our country.

Marshall Boyle: Thank you, Marshall, for all that you do for this community! Ashlee Mecklenburg

Raymond Gentilcore: Ray proudly served for 20 years in the military, he was always ready to serve and protect our great nation. He will always be my hero. Barbara Gentilcore

Michael T Embrey: US Air Force veteran Michael Embrey has made a massive impact on supporting veteran projects and memorials in DeKalb County. A former member of the USAF Band/Drum Corps, he has played TAPS at military funerals and events over 1,500 times, including in 2016 playing TAPS at the American Cemetery in Normandy, France. He was the 2022 Illinois ELKS Veteran Volunteer of the Year. In 2022 was the 40&8 Veteran Organization National Americanism Award Winner. In 2023 he received the 40&8 Veteran of the Year recognition. He was instrumental in creating the new ‘DeKalb Veterans Memorial’ located at the ELKS Lodge in DeKalb. Cary Lekkas

All Veterans: Thank you for your Willingness to serve our country. Dedication in keeping our nation safe. Thank you! Rhonda Cowan

All Veterans: Thank you veterans for putting your country 1st! God bless all past present and future people who serve. Dean Coyle

All Veterans: The simple gesture of saying “thank you” does not express the gratitude we have for each and every man and woman who has served our nation. America is eternally blessed for the presence of those who are willing to give so much. With heartfelt thanks, Members of the General John Stark Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Dawn Wexell:

All Veterans: Thank you for allowing me to participate. Dale Remala

Michael Embrey: DeKalb County Military Charity, ‘’, has collected candy and sweets from a variety of local groups, organizations, schools, and stores to send to our men and women serving our country overseas for the past 10 years. ‘’ was started by local DeKalb County businessman and military veteran Michael Embrey, and now is sponsored in part by the DeKalb American Legion Auxiliary. To donate candy or sweets, visit any Fire Station in DeKalb or Sycamore, or contact Sarah Newby - 815-751-2424 or Michael Embrey - 815-756-1263

Marshall Boyle: Thank you for not only the service to our country but thank you to the service you give to your community, Marshall. You give unselfishly to your community through the various organizations you are part of you and YOU make such a difference! I’m proud to know you and support you! Christina Doe

John Raymond Kuhn: I am so thankful that Jack served his Country. He was young when he left home to join the Navy. As with many others, I’m sure he was unsure what to expect.I thank all the Veterans for their service and remind them they will never be forgotten.I salute their courage, honor, sacrifice and bravery.May God Bless Them All! Jack Kuhn

Honor Guard members at American Legion Post 66: Rendering military funeral honors is one way to show the deep gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended our country. This ceremonial paying of respect is the final demonstration we can provide to recognize their sacrifice and contributions. Our thanks goes out to the members of the Honor Guard from DeKalb American Legion Post 66 who attend veteran’s funerals to fold the American flag, solemnly present it to a surviving family member, render a rifle salute, and sound taps. The veteran’s family knows that Post 66 is saying “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!” Cindy Hupke

DeKalb County Veterans Recognition Fund: The DeKalb County Community Foundation is honored to announce the new DeKalb County Veterans Recognition Fund. This new Donor Advised Fund supports public memorials and veteran related attractions that recognize and honor veterans throughout DeKalb County, IL. The goal of this fund is to raise money for future veteran projects in DeKalb County. Donations are tax deductible. For more information on the DeKalb County Veterans Recognition Fund, please contact Fund representatives Michael Embrey at or Jerry Smith at, or visit Jacki Bish

Veteran Dale Berman: Dale, thanks for your service. John Chambers

Veteran Mike Zasada: Thank you Mike for your dedication and hard work when you were in the Navy many years ago! You are never forgotten as a veteran. Kelly Zasada

Veteran Marshall Boyle: Marshall, your passion for the Veteran Community is infectious and I couldn’t be prouder to know you. Being surrounded by you makes me a better person, and in terms of Habitat has opened a whole new opportunity for Veteran Awareness in the community. Keep up the good work, keep fighting the fight and most of all…give Lucy a hug for me! Kim McIver

Veteran Foster E. Looney (Fox Easy): Thanks Dad for being brave enough at the age of 21 to fly a dive bomber from the USS Hornet in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. You were awarded the Navy Cross for that bravery. Gone, but not forgotten…. Proud to be your son… Patrick Looney

Veteran Christina M Hardy: Thank you for your service I am very proud of the women that it made you. And the things you got to experience. Thank you once again! Christina Hardy

Kelly Zasada: Thank you Kelly for you hard work and dedication will serving in the navy from 93′-97′! Mike Zasada

Michael Coghlan: Our neighbor, Paul Carlson is the center of our neighbor activities. Mr. Carlson is a military vetetan. This December is his 100th birthday. Thanks for being such a positive, kind, welcoming, and friendly neighbor. Michael Coghlan

Paul R Carlson: Thank you Paul for your service in WW2. The world is a better place because of you. Patrick Boyce

Joseph R. Sigg: Dad voluntary joined the Navy in 1949 and served during the Korean conflict. Growing up poor, Dad saw serving his country as an opportunity to learn a trade, as well as knowing he would have enough to eat. He was a welder/pipe fitter on a destroyer ship that patrolled around the world. His travels took him thru the Panama Canal seven times. He saw many less fortunate people in poor countries and told our family that the USA was the best country in the world to live and he was honored to have the opportunity to serve and protect it. Thank You Dad. Scott Pecor

Justin Cano: Your one of my best friends and will always be there for me. I want to Thank you for your service over the years fighting for our country love you brother. Brad Jorgensen

Veteran Guy Sparrow: Thank you for your service in Vietnam, and continuing your service at home by giving your time, home and resources to help keep the Northern Illinois Veterans Memorial in Kirkland maintained and looking beautiful. Grace Raute

Veteran William Finnan: My dad served in world war II in the Navy. He’s my hero. Roger Finnan

Veteran Marshall Boyle: Marshall has been passionate in his advocacy for veterans, disabled persons and, in particular, disabled veterans. Marshall has fiercely lobbied for our non-profit organization to participate in programs such as Brush With Kindness and Home Preservation, which strive to provide low-income homeowners with support and home-repair services to ensure safety, prevent displacement and allow older homeowners to age in place. This year, Marshall coordinated a Veteran Build Day at our build site, where veterans participated in home construction, and he continues to be active in veterans’ support groups, The American Legion and Guitars 4 Vets. Tricia Delwiche

Veteran Clement W Yuill: Thank you for your service to this GREAT country. Beverly Yuill

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