What is a Civil Conspiracy Claim?

Cronauer Law - What is a Civil Conspiracy Claim?

A civil conspiracy claim alleges that two or more parties have come together to commit an unlawful act, or to commit a lawful act by unlawful means, resulting in harm to a third party. According to Nick Cronauer, an attorney with Cronauer Law, LLP in Sycamore, for a civil conspiracy claim (like the current one against our government and its officials), the general elements of the claim will often include the following:

  • An agreement between two or more parties. “This means that there was a meeting of the minds regarding a particular course of action,” explained Cronauer. “It will usually involve the exchange of money between an official and a co-conspirator.”
  • An unlawful act or objective, or a lawful act done in an unlawful manner. In this case, the parties agree to either do something illegal or they agree to do something legal but by illegal means in order to facilitate the transfer of funds between the conspirators.
  • An overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. “This requires at least one act that advances the conspiracy,” added Cronauer. “This is the case even if the ultimate goal of the conspiracy is not achieved.” These actions can include planning, executing, or covering up the wrongful acts.
  • Damages. The party typically must prove that they suffered damages as a result of the conspiracy, which usually revolves around lost or misused funds. Harm can be financial, reputational, or physical.
  • Intent. The parties involved in the conspiracy generally must have intended to agree and to achieve the unlawful objective, but the agreement need not be recorded. It must be proven by the circumstances given rise to the acts.

Civil conspiracy claims can encompass a wide range of scenarios, including anything from business disputes to personal injury cases.

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