Firearm Safety 101

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Firearms represent many different things to different people, such as freedom, self-reliance, and protection. They also play a role in a wide variety of hobbies and interests, including hunting, range or target shooting, and collecting. Throughout all of these, one thing is agreed upon among firearm enthusiasts - firearms are tools, and firearm safety is the most important pillar of firearm ownership. Here are three tips for handling and operating firearms safely.

1. One of the most important rules for handling firearms is to treat the firearm with the respect it deserves. This means you should handle a firearm like it’s loaded at all times, and never point the weapon, even momentarily, at anything you’re not willing to destroy. Imagine an invisible line exiting straight out of the barrel of the firearm - you should never allow this line to intersect with yourself or with another person. If you adhere to no other rule but this, then at the very least, loss of life can be avoided in even the most careless of accidents.

2. Another basic but extremely important practice when handling firearms is to never put your finger on the trigger of the weapon until you’re ready to fire. Firearms aren’t capable of going off on their own, they require a finger to pull the trigger. Another good practice is to always engage the safety of a firearm whenever you’re not actively firing the weapon.

3. Pursue firearm training. Often, states will require you by law to pass a class, or require you to receive a certain number of hours of instruction to obtain a concealed carry permit, and this could be a good excuse to be trained by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Or, you could simply practice the above safe handling skills on your own or at the range, so that safe handling becomes second nature to you.

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