3 Things to Know When Buying Ammo

Northern Illinois Carry - 3 Things to Know When Buying Ammo

Purchasing and owning firearms can be daunting. Local and federal laws are often hard to understand, there are lots of rules and exceptions, and the consequences of not researching these rules can be severe. To help make your gun purchasing journey as seamless as possible, here’s 3 things to keep in mind when buying ammo.

1. Know the caliber of bullet that your gun requires. 9mm, .45 ACP, .223, .308 all refer to the width, or caliber, of the bullet. Most of the time, your weapon will only accept the caliber it was made to accept, but there can be differences in gunpowder loads, which affect the pressure of different rounds with the same caliber. Check in your owner’s manual the types of ammunition that your firearm was made to accept before purchasing.

1. Know what the ammo is for. If you only use your firearm at the range, it makes sense to stick to cheap ammo (like ball or FMJ) which will end up saving you money. If you’re hunting or using a weapon for self defense, then you’ll need ammo that will have the desired effect on impact, or that will fly through the air with the right ballistic profile. Ammo comes in various weights and pressures, all of which affect the way the bullet flies and how it impacts. When in doubt, ask your local expert which ammo will be most effective for your needs.

2. Consider middle of the road, affordable self-defense ammo instead of gimmicky or overly expensive rounds, and look for sales when you can. This means that when you practice with your self defense weapon, you can use the same ammo that you keep loaded for self defense, and you can trust that when you aim down your sights, it will be on target if you ever need to use the weapon in real life, instead of having to change your zero for different ammo types.

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