Letter: Impose a tax on bullets for the damage they cause

Black keyboard - Letter to the Editor

Gun control, Constitutional rights, I’ve heard this battle go on and on for as long as I can remember, and I ain’t a kid anymore. Each side digs in and nothing is resolved.

Reminds me of the smoking controversy, my right to smoke. So to help motivate secession, governments stepped in and imposed hefty cigarette taxes.

I would propose the same tact here: Tax the purchases of bullets. A tax of one dollar per bullet, by either the state or federal governments.

Set aside these dollars, allocating them to emergency room’s across the country for the treatment of gunshot victims. Or to help cover medical costs for those who have been wounded.

This tax could help off set the many costs associated with being on the wrong end of the bullet. In other words, let the bullet pay for the damage it caused.

Unfortunately though there is no amount of money for or to those that died from that bullet.

Thank you for giving me this platform to vent.

Tom Specht