What’s next for existing labor union as $8.3M DeKalb County nursing home sale approaches?

County Administrator Brian Gregory: ‘It is not our right to dictate how the new company operates’

Jacob Meeks, director of public policy for AFSCME Union, spoke during the Oct. 19, 2022 DeKalb County Board meeting.
Chuck Simpson speaks during the July 13, 2022 special Committee of the Whole meeting, where it was decided the DeKalb County Board would vote on two offers to buy the DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center, as well as a referendum for voters to decide if the county can support the facility by levying a property tax. On July 20, 2022 the board voted against the referendum and initiated a sale with Illuminate HC.

What’s the future of nursing center workers?

Members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees #3537, the AFSCME union which represents DeKalb County nursing home employees, hold signs during the DeKalb County Board's Committee of the Whole meeting Wednesday, June 8, 2022, to ask the board not to sell the DeKalb County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Union members said a privatization could mean lost benefits for employees, and lowered standards of patient care under new management.
Mary Roman, a resident of the DeKalb County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for seven years, speaks during public comment as Ashley Rockstead, assistant director of nursing at the center, holds the mic at the DeKalb County Board meeting Wednesday, April 20, 2022, in the legislative center in Sycamore. One of the items on the agenda was to vote on whether to sell the DeKalb County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.