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Organizers thank more than 30 local veterans who volunteered to stand vigil during Veterans Day

SYCAMORE – On Nov. 5, 34 veterans stood vigil for at least one hour during a 24-hour Veteran Vigil at the DeKalb County Courthouse in Sycamore.

Local organizers are giving thanks for those veterans who stood vigil.

Army veterans included Ron Slavenas, Bob Miskewitch, Tim Timmer, Dennis Grant, Steve Korth, Paul Meyers, Dean Livingston, Tim Henley, Morry Johnson, Bill Eschbach, Mickey Williams, Dwain Adkins, Scott Bennett, Ed Kuhn, Phil Kuhn, Bob Stanbery, Nick Timmer, Steve Munz and Kevin Johnson.

Marine Corps veterans included Tom Doherty, Roger Rousselle, John Vera, Ken Rowe, George Morris, Steve Stanbery, Armand Mattingly and Mike Fleetwood.

Air Force veterans included Tammy Anderson, Tony Bianchi, Dan Thurnau and Mark Pietrowski.

Navy veterans included Dean Miller, Larry Forsberg and Garard Caray.

Event organizers wish to thank all of the veterans that stood vigil, as well as community members that in a special way supported the Veterans Honoring Veterans 2021 Vigil: Larry Splinter; Lonnie Stojan; Dave Finney of Finney Electric; Dan Thurnau; the Sycamore Police Department; the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office; vigil program emcee Frank Beirlotzer; keynote speaker state Rep. Jeff Keicher, R-Sycamore; and event coordinators Mark Pietrowksi and Dwain Adkins.