DeKalb County Health department reports 206 new COVID-19 cases over the weekend, zero additional deaths

DeKALB – County health officials reported 206 more cases, and 147 more fully vaccinated residents over the weekend.

No new deaths were reported.

DeKalb County continues to report a high community transmission of the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As of Monday, the county reported about 433 cases per 100,000 residents and 20 new hospital admissions. According to the CDC, everyone in DeKalb County should wear masks in public indoor settings.

The new cases bring the total coronavirus case count to 15,050 in the county, according to the DeKalb County Health Department. The death toll remains at 152.

The seven-day rolling positivity rate for Region 1, which runs north to Rockford and west to the Iowa border, is 9.2%. The DeKalb County positivity rate is at 8%. Positivity rates are reported with a three-day data lag. Region 1 also reported a seven-day average of 280 COVID-19 patients hospitalized.

According to IDPH data, 128,791 total vaccine doses have been administered to DeKalb County residents and 54,422 residents – or 54.2% of the county’s population of 100,420, according to 2020 U.S. Census Bureau data – have been fully vaccinated. As of Friday, 18,499 booster shoots have been administered to county residents. The seven-day rolling average of doses administered to county residents is 443.

By the numbers

Longterm care settings

There remain seven longterm care facilities experiencing virus outbreaks in the county.

Grand Victorian in Sycamore reports 12 cases: 10 residents and two employees. Vaccination data is not available per IDPH.

There are five cases at Heritage Woods in DeKalb, all in residents. Vaccination data for Heritage Woods is not available per IDPH.

DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center in DeKalb reports seven cases, among four employees and three residents, and one death. According to the IDPH, the county nursing home reports 73.79% of its employees are fully vaccinated, along with 92.31% of residents, as of Dec. 13.

Bethany Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in DeKalb reports 10 cases: Two employees and eight residents. According to the IDPH, Bethany reports 90.31% of its employees are fully vaccinated, as are 84% of residents.

Willow Crest Nursing Pavilion in Sandwich reports an outbreak of 56 total cases of COVID-19: 12 staff members, 44 residents, and five resident deaths. As of Dec. 13, 82.91% of Willow Crest staff are fully vaccinated, as are 81.82% of the residents.

Oak Crest DeKalb Area Retirement Center in DeKalb reports an outbreak of four cases: three employees and one resident. According to the IDPH, 97.12% of Oak Crest employees are fully vaccinated, as are 99.61% of residents.

Sandwich Rehabilitation and Health Care Center reports five cases: two residents and three employees, with one resident death. According to the IDPH, Sandwich Rehab reports 77.78% of its employees are fully vaccinated, as are 95% of residents.

The health department considers a facility in outbreak mode if new virus activity is reportedly linked to the facility within 30 days. If the facility goes 30 days without reporting new activity, it will be taken off the health department’s outbreak website, health officials have said.

The health department does not update long-term care facility numbers if a person has fully recovered. The numbers remain listed in total through the duration of the outbreak.

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Vaccination data

Updated vaccination by ZIP code data shows the percentages of residents in DeKalb County ZIP codes who have been fully vaccinated as of Dec. 15.

This data is provisional and will be updated every Wednesday, according to the IDPH.

In the 60111 (includes Clare) ZIP code, 97.33% of the population is fully vaccinated (100% of residents have had at least one dose). In the 60112 (Cortland) ZIP code, 58.31% is fully vaccinated. In the 60115 (DeKalb) ZIP code, 47.44% is fully vaccinated. In 60135 (Genoa), it’s 58.4%. In 60145 (Kingston), 42.72% is fully vaccinated. In 60146 (Kirkland, Fairdale), 42.9% is fully vaccinated. In 60150 (Malta), 48.82% is fully vaccinated. In 60151 (Maple Park), 55.49% is fully vaccinated. In 60178 (Sycamore), 62.16% is fully vaccinated. In 60520 (Hinckley), 52.56% is fully vaccinated. In 60548 (Sandwich), 52.03% is fully vaccinated; in 60550 (Shabbona), 47.32% is fully vaccinated; in 60552 (Somonauk), 49.97% is fully vaccinated; and in 60556 (Waterman), 49.93% is fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 cases and deaths

Of the 205 new reported cases of COVID-19 in DeKalb County on Friday, 57 were in residents age 19 or younger, 40 in their 20s, 34 in their 30s, 24 in their 40s, 25 in their 50s, 16 in their 60s, six in their 70s and three in their 80s or older.

In total, there have been 3,264 cases in residents age 19 or younger, 3,396 in their 20s, 2,309 in their 30s, 1,948 in their 40s, 1,771 in their 50s, 1,207 in their 60s, 626 in their 70s and 529 in their 80s or older.

Of the 152 deaths reported in DeKalb County, 82 were in residents in their 80s or older, 23 were in their 70s, 26 in their 60s, 14 in their 50s, four in their 40s, one in their 30s, one in their 20s and one infant.

The DeKalb County Health Department does not specify how many COVID-19 cases are linked to the delta, omicron or any other virus variant. Testing for variants in positive COVID-19 results is done randomly and at the state level, according to local health officials.

According to DeKalb County data most recently updated as of Friday, there have been between 6,181 and 6,185 cases in DeKalb. Other cases include 3,001 and 3,005 in Sycamore, 1,301 and 1,305 in Sandwich and Plano (listed as one region on the site), 1,186 and 1,190 in Genoa, 361 and 365 in Kingston, 701 and 705 in Cortland, 406 and 410 in Hinckley, 386 and 390 in Kirkland, 316 and 320 in Somonauk, 221 and 225 in Waterman, 211 and 215 in Malta, 181 and 185 in Shabbona, 126 and 130 in Maple Park, 41 and 45 in Earlville, 31 and 35 in Clare, 16 and 20 in Leland, 21 to 25 in Esmond, and 16 and 20 in Lee. Big Rock, Elburn, Hampshire, Marengo and Rochelle each reported between one and five cases.

The IDPH reported that 1,975,515 people in Illinois have tested positive for COVID-19, while 27,228 people have died statewide. The department reported that 42,607,495 tests have been administered to date.

According to testing and recovery data released by the county every Friday, 13,177 DeKalb County residents have fully recovered and 269,643 tests of county residents had been completed as of Dec. 17.