DeKalb County property transfers: Feb. 13-29, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Edward L. Parcell and Ann P. Driscoll Trustees Reimsnider Farm Trust to Wesley A. Plote, Lois M. Plote and Wesley D. Plote, Farmland off Esmond Road, 1222 Old State Road, Esmond, $2,775,864.

Jie Haung and Yuanyuan Zhai to Michael and Sophia Lim, Residence at 584 Bush St., DeKalb, $270,000.

Everardo Soria Jr. and Erin M. Soria to Raymond F. Dykstra and Elizabeth A. Vogel, Residence at 349 E. Cloverlane Drive, Sycamore, $410,000.

Gumaro Garcia Calderon and Maria Salome Torres Torres to Joseph W. Montemayor Trustee, Residence at 1725 Seaman Ave., DeKalb. $165,000.

United Pentecostal Church of DeKalb to Jakob Norman, Residence at 3092 Covered Bridge Lane, DeKalb, $355,000.

Secretary of Veterns Affairs to Monica Viorica Urcan, Residence at 219 N. State St., Genoa, $117,999.

Krpan’s Parkside Estates LP to Vervich Properties LLC, Lot at 632 Zagreb Ave., Sycamore, $31,500.

Krpan’s Parkside Estates LP to Brian and Melissa Anderson, Lot at 734 Independence Ave., Sycamore, $45,400.

PandV Property Partners LLC to Kimberly D. Wolf and Dava Crump, Residence at 18 W. Crofoot St., Sandwich, $262,900.

Dale L. and Margaret Ann Johnson Trusts By Trustees Robert E. Clausen to Donald R. Beardsley and Nicole J. Hurley, Residence at 12814 Ellen Drive, Genoa, $255,000.

Krpan’s Parkside Estates LP to Kent and Dayna Page Boekenhauer, Lot at 623 Ivan Drive, Sycamore, $38,500.

Brian C. and Susan C. Grainger to Hector C. Bernal, Residence at 644 Zagreb Ave., Sycamore, $505,000.

Dean H. Maddy Dec’d By Administrator to Maria Morrow, Residence at 1009 Pleasant St., DeKalb, $60,000.

Barry S. and Linda S. Hayes to Keith and Kara Robers, Residence at 1044 S. Cross St., Sycamore, $195,000.

Anthony J. Gerace Jr. and Krysten Gerace to James and Amara Rose Rollman, Residence at 201 S. Oak St., Cortland, $227,500.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Mallory Sinclair, Residence at 1304 S. Wind Road, Sandwich, $334,935.

Christie Bannister Revoc Trust One By Trustee Old Second National Bank to Greg S. and Lisa J. Fleming, Industrial Building on West County Line Road, Lee, $587,844.

Worthington Properties Ltd. to Rowena Marcheschi and Aira Regine Dequinco, Residence at 53 E. Robinson Ave., Cortland, $245,000.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Residence at 910 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $20,600.

First Mid Wealth Management Company Land Trust 44190460 to Thomas E. Skora and Rorry Skora, Residence at 206 E. Fairview Drive, DeKalb, $115,750.

David H. Johnson Trust By Trustee Margaret Anne Johnson to Preservation Of Egyptian Theatre Inc., Commercial at 143 and 147 N. Second St., DeKalb, $400,000.

Prairie View LLC to Michael D. Pierce, Lots at 1030 and 1040 Prairie View Drive, Somonauk, $45,000.

Genese Wiehle and Kathleen Wiehle Nka Kathleen Calcagno Trustees Trust 101 and 102 to Jonutz Farms LLC, Lot at 90 W. Ellwalk Ave., Cortland, $95,000.

Ben Duong and Loan K. Nguyen to Christian Mendez, Residence at 1377 Sunflower Drive, DeKalb, $250,000.

Thomas H. Strom and Beth A. Imhoff-Strom to Godinez Properties LLC, Residence at 1208 Old Route 34, Sandwich, $195,000.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Lot at 812 Kennedy St., Waterman, $20,600.

Springboard CDFI 202304 Lop to Aurelio Deltoro, Residence at 316 W. Crofoot St., Sandwich, $164,000.

REO Funding Solutions IV LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Residence at 1003 Oak Bend Road, Sandwich, $20,888.89.

Douglas J. Johnson to Gvazquez Enterprises LLC, Residence at 322 E. Church St., Sandwich, $195,000.

Chicago Title Land Trust Co. Trustee Trust 10530 to Richard A. Pump Sr. and Marlene L. Pump Trustees Trusts, Farmland at 18648 Melms Road, Genoa, $2,509,566.

John Ness Construction Inc. to Vervich Properties LLC, Lot at 1919 and 1927 Parkside Drive, Sycamore, $50,000.

Marie L. Stouffer Trust By Trustee Christine M. Stouffer to Diana Lee Swanson and Carolyn Leste Law, Residence at 11605 Deerpath Road, Sycamore, $333,000.

Brandon and Kimberly Wolf to David and Lorraine Staie, Residence at 1524 Cindy Lane, Sandwich, $327,910.

Douglas Adkinson to Debborah J. Snow, Residence at 617 Ellwood Ave., DeKalb, $172,500.

John Ness Construction Inc. to Benjamin S. and Valerie S. Bingle, Lot at 1911 Parkside Drive, Sycamore, $28,000.

Reston Ponds Equities LLC / Reston Ponds Management LLLC / Shodeen Group LLC to Shodeen Homes LLC, Lot at 1060 Juniper Drive, Sycamore, $45,216.

Worthington Properties Ltd. to Paul Hoover, Residence at 239 S. Walnut St., Cortland, $249,900.

Nathan J. Monney Revoc Trust to Adelaido Alarcon, Residence at 513 and 515 Georjean Court, Sycamore, $305,000.

Thomas J. Nickels and Jahna Nickels to Dennis L. Nickels Jr., Farmland off Governor Bridge Highway, Somonauk, $700,000.

Ronald G. and Carol A. Naylor Trustees Trusts to Victoria A. Neis, Residence at 1236 Bellevue Drive, DeKalb, $269,450.

Israel Puga and Esperanza Ferrer Puga to Rodolfo Jimenez Castellanos; Anabel Salinas and Vianey Jimenez, Residence at 2990 Kane Road, Leland, $305,000.

Reginald J. and Mardra Y. Thomas to Marshall and Jennifer Hayes, Residence at 1260 Bellevue Drive, DeKalb, $276,250.

Yingwen Cheng and Na Han to Martin and Magdalena Bogojeski, Residence at 2445 Dean St., Sycamore, $420,000.

Hinckley DG LLC to DG Retail LLC, Commercial at 751 E. Lincoln Ave., Hinckley, $1,766,960.

Jesus and M. Villagomez to Haley D. Kelinfeldt, Residence at 616 Bush St., DeKalb, $265,000.

Garrett W. Stephenson and Breanne G’fellers to Ricardo Sanchez, Residence at 323 River Drive, DeKalb, $165,000.

Christopher L. and Colleen E. Parks to Russell Schewe, Residence at 300 N. May St., Hinckley, $305,000.

Constance M. Myers to Rogelio and Kristi Ramirez, Residence at 1104 Pleasant St., DeKalb, $148,000.

Michael H. and Dawn M. Roberts to Edward L. Garman, Residence at 1013 Ashley Drive, DeKalb, $195,000.

James Heath and Amanda L. Roberts to Arthur Donald Gorrell III, Residence at 845 S. First St., DeKalb, $140,000.

John and Sheila Mims to Preston E. and Samantha A Fulk, Residence at 626 Emmert Drive, Sycamore, $148,000.

REO Funding Solutions IV LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Residence at 502, 612, 702, 704 and 706 W. Pleasant Ave., Sandwich, $104,444.45.

Ellen I. Mann to Jose Juis Perez and Debra Louise Sipes, Residence at 720 N. 12th St., DeKalb, $175,000.

Dale R. and Cheryl A. Sanderson to Lamaria Jones, Residence at 329 and 331 Ash Court, DeKalb, $276,000.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes, Lot at 811 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $20,600.

Kevin Reynolds and Marian O’Donnell-Reynolds to Samantha J. Lanning, Residence at 1223 Green Court, DeKalb, $245,000.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Jose Heernandez and Maria Saenz, Residence at 706 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $287,275.

Baylee McGary Fka Baylee T. Flower to Kurt P. and Jennifer L. Drohan, Residence at 1438 Anthony Lane, Sandwich, $195,000.

NVR Inc. / Ryan Homes to Angel and Stephanie Jimenez, Residence at 914 E. Garfield St., Waterman, $302,255.

Amanda R. Stasiewicz Nka Amanda Flight to Richard and Amber Bellino, Residence at 637 Buckboard Lane, Sycamore, $253,000.

Roger E. and Debra S. Hodgkinson to George Philip Jarka and Madison Hope Kloster, Residence at 311 W. Church St., Genoa, $272,500.

Jingbo Han and Jieyun Li to Daniel Miguel Perez, Residence at 1801 Kennicott Court, Sycamore, $172,000.

Erik and Jennifer Weech to Vincent Vandeleest, Residence at 936 Buckingham Lane, Sycamore, $180,000.

Michael J. and Luanne B. Scalley to Jose Alfaro Jr. and Hernan Arias, Residence at 333 E. Arnold St., Sandwich, $375,000.

JPMorgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. to Mohammed Rafath Ali, Residence at 31704 Hillcrest Road, Kingston, $150,000.

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