October 28, 2021
Crime & Courts

Facebook scam to look out for, DeKalb police warn

DeKALB - DeKalb police are warning residents to look for signs regarding a Facebook scam making its rounds.

The department announced Thursday its received complaints that the scam is affecting local residents.

In the scam, an e-mail or message appears to come from an acquaintance and directed to the victim, police said. It might be a “friend request” or chat and then the suspect tries to solicit money.

The scammer might also offer to send a link for a financial opportunity. Any person that gets a message like this should immediately delete it, police said. If any resident has replied to the money solicitation and lost that money, they should contact the police department to make a report.

Anytime a resident receives a suspicious e-mail or text, they should contact the sender by a more reliable method to verify the request. For example, call the acquaintance on the phone or speak to them in person.

Residents should never disclose any personal information (i.e. birthdays, social security numbers, etc.) to an unknown party on the internet of telephone, police said.

All citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the DeKalb Police Department at 815-748-8400 or dial 911 in the event of an emergency.