Things To Know When Making Arrangements

Death is an inevitable part of life, and while most of us don’t care to think about it, planning your funeral in advance can take the burden off of your loved ones.

“It’s the final gift you can give your family,” says Janice Smallwood, who, with her husband J.D., own Norberg Memorial Home, Inc. & Monuments in Princeton, Illinois. Pre-planning has many other advantages, as well, allowing you to truly design your own funeral.

1. Lock in prices at today’s rate, whether you pass away tomorrow or 20 years from now. “As long as it’s funded, the rate is locked in,” says JD and Janice. Prepayment are deposited with a funding company where they gain interest to help compensate for inflation. “We have people who have had pre arrangements with us for over 20 years, and that casket they chose 20 years ago for $1,000 is $3,500 now. That’s important.”

2. Select all the details beforehand, including headstone, pallbearers, the funeral officiant and the location. “You can write your own obituary, and even pick out your clothing,” says the Janice. “We have people whose lipstick and makeup are stored. We have a storage room where people have picked out their caskets, their clothing and urns. They’ve already arranged everything, down to their music and their service folders. They can even do all the paperwork beforehand. Meeting with a family that has pre-arrangements vs. meeting with a family that doesn’t is a totally different meeting. It really takes the stress off. "

3. Whether an individual chooses to fund their funeral in advance, or not, Norberg Memorial Home, Inc. & Monuments is more than happy to keep a file for you to take that unneeded stress off your family at such a stressful time. “It is an honor for us when people choose us to care for their loved one,” says Janice and JD. “We are so grateful that they choose Norbergs to help them move forward onto their next journey.”

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