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Senior Spotlight>Alex Jagers (Princeton High School)

Name: Alex Jagers

School: Princeton High School

Date/place of birth: April 9, 2004/Princeton

Hometown: Princeton

Family: Dad - Tom, Mom - Gail, Brothers - Eric & Ryan

Sports/activities: Soccer, Baseball, Choir, Star Spangled Singers, FFA, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sportsman Club, Interact Club, Frisbee Golf Club, Young Life, 4-H, Piano, and St. Louis Church Youth Group. I played basketball my freshman and sophomore years, and I played Golf my junior year.

Nickname(s): Jags, Tic Tac.

Favorite sport and why: Soccer - because it takes great teamwork to succeed.

Favorite food and where to get it: Chicken Strips from Dairy Queen.

Likes: Farming, fishing, frisbee golf, flying my drone, driving my truck and Grom, hanging out with friends and family.

Dislikes: Vegetables, red lights, crooked boards, cigar smoke, and tight parking spaces.

Person with the greatest influence on my athletic career and why: My Dad - He taught me a lot about sports, how to play, how to build skills, and how to show good sportsmanship

Person with the greatest influence in my life and why: My Grandpa - He was a self taught man. He taught me a lot - how to fish, how to fix things, how to be a good person. He just passed away and I miss him greatly.

Who’s your dream celebrity prom date: NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan.

Name three historical figures you’d like to meet and why:

1 - John Deere - I enjoy farming and admire how he helped revolutionize the industry

2 - Elon Musk - He is very successful and always looking to the future

3 - Abraham Lincoln - I have a lot of respect for him and how he led our country during the Civil War

If stranded on a deserted island, I would have my: Pocketknife

The last song I listened to: “Good to Me” by Florida Georgia Line.

People would be surprised to know: I have never missed a day of school since Preschool.

I stay home to watch: “Gold Rush.”

When I need luck for a big game, I: Pray.

The funniest person I’ve ever met (why?): My younger brother Ryan - he knows how to make me laugh and is always doing or saying goofy things.

What they’ll say about me at school after I graduate: He was little, but he had a big heart.

Most embarrassing moment: When I went to kick the ball during a soccer game and totally missed it and fell down.

Most unforgettable moment: Beating Alleman in soccer this year

Ultimate sports fantasy: Watching the PHS football team win State.

What I would like to do in life: Continue the operations of the family farm and establish a legacy like my Grandpa.

Three words that best describe myself: Hard-working, dependable, fun-size.