Letter: Serve by running for local office

To the Editor:

The greatest justification for democracy is that the majority get the government they deserve.

If good people do not decide right now to run for local office, then there will be no choice in the spring. The time to file is upon us, and those who favor the status quo are already filing.

If there are good people out there, willing to run and serve, I stand ready to help them understand how to run a winning campaign. I can also explain to them how government really works at the local level and how to understand local government finance so that they can be effective in office.

And by "good" people, I mean people who see their job at the local level as being a check on the bureaucracy, as being a skeptic who demands answers rather than a cheerleader who does whatever they're told. I don't care if you're nominally a Republican, a Democrat or an independent.

Steve Willson