August 10, 2022
Putnam County

Putnam County

Property Transfers: October 2020

The following property transfers were recorded at the Putnam County Courthouse during the month of October:

Trustees of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church to Putnam County Community Church, Lots 1-3 in Block 3 in Joel W. Hopkins Subdivision, Granville, exempt.

Margaret M. Foster to Giovanni Alfano, two parts of Section 26 in Granville Township, $33,000.

Pamela Brashear to Michael and Diane Dennis, Lot 373 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 2, $237,500.

Robert and Diana Hale to Michael Keele Jr., Lot 561 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 3, $62,500.

Andrew Gehm to Kyle Wilson, part of Section 25 in Granville Township, $150,000.

James and Glenna Jones to Michael and Angelina Migliorini, part of Section 4 in Granville Township, $195,000.

Darla Etal to The People of the County of Putnam, two parts of Section 15 in Magnolia Township, exempt.

Putnam County Unit School District #535 to The People of the County of Putnam, part of Section 15 in Magnolia Township, exempt.

Todd Etal to Michael Keele, Lot 559 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 3, $2,500.

John and Mary Crist to Hollace Faletti, Lots 13-14 in Block 1 in Wolf’s Addition, McNabb, $73,000.

Douglas Kimber to Jose Cela, Lot 22 in Block 8 in Hennepin, $22,000.

Jordan Farmer to Richard and Karen Cioni, Lots 25-28 in Newton H. Colby’s Third Addition, Granville, $150,000.

Mark Kurzawski to Christina Steil, as trustee, Lot 87 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, $33,000.

Pamela Menerey to Aaron Menerey and Amanda Nelson, Lot 367 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, exempt.

Carol Fredrickson, as trustee, to Delta Cuate and Jeremy Zavala, Lots 196-198 in Bowman’s Addition, Magnolia, $200,000.

Jeffrey Purtell to Putnam County, as trustee, Lot 295 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, exempt.

John Anderson and Rosemary Weil to Brian and Sara Fiddes, Lot 686 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 4, $235,000.

Patricia and Owen Harris to Tammy Smith and Larry Thurston, Lots 85-86 in F.W. Sucher’s First Addition, Standard, exempt.

Kenneth and Kelley Radeke, as trustees, to Drew and Catherine Schlumpf, Lot 246 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, $349,500.

Nazareth House to Daniel Jenky, Lot 15 in Cape Cloud Subdivision, exempt.

Guadalupe Rodriguez to Timothy Maxwell, Lots 108-110 in Indian Hills, $83,000.

Edward and Taryn Burash to Sharon Johnson, part of Section 3 in Magnolia Township, $189,900.

Robert, Scott and John Seibert to Dylan Peterson, Lots 117-121 in N.H. Colby’s Second Addition, Granville, $95,000.

Elaine Ossola to Carol Miller, Lots 15-16 in John E. Elliott’s First Addition, Mark, $50,000.

Michael Evans to Anthony Molina, Lot 15 in Walnut Grove, Senachwine Township, exempt.

Richard and Karen Cioni to Dylan Kostellic, part of Section 22 in Hennepin Township, $285,000.

Robert and Sheila Gallo to Thomas and Christine Pope, Lot 511 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 3, $166,000.

Douglas Johnson to Timothy and Angela Heckman, part of Lot 5 in Block 2 in C.H. Smith’s Addition, Granville, $65,000.

Shawn Lewis and Shannon Frey, as independent co-executors, to Curtis Dukes, Lot 498 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 2, $123,000.

Lake Thunderbird Association to Colette Corriveau, Lot 135 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, $1,100.

Gary Fountain to Dustin Hartwig, part of Lots 3-4 and part of Lot 2 in Block 2 in Condit, $14,000.

The Lovell Family Trust to Russell and Leilani Hawkins, Lots 229-230 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, $205,000.

Stanley and Christina Wrobel to Sasa and Tamara Nesil, Lots 171 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, $170,000.

Eugene and Dina Lunken to Amanda and Matthew Mance, Lot 674 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, $3,500.

Kevin and Kendra Mertal to Daniel and Katherine Moriarty, Lot 2 in Migliorini’s Second Addition, Mark, $265,000.

Thomas Farmer to Terry and Sandra Blitsch, Lot 585 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, $2,000.

Putnam County Clerk to Publicani Investment Corporation, Lot 11 in Timberline Acres, exempt.

Kevin and Gina Toovey to Tyler Keller, Lots 8-10 in Block 9 in N.H. Colby’s Addition, Granville, $146,000.