September 29, 2023
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Brzozowski is what this district needs

I believe Dani Brzozowski is exactly what the 16th Congressional District needs to bring us back to the 21st century. I am a graduate of North Central College and have worked throughout the local and Chicagoland area as an actor, writer, speech coach, teaching artist, and assistant. In these fields, I have shown a commitment to excellence, advocacy, and education.

I realize that protections for our most vulnerable are on the chopping block in the middle of this difficult year. These issues range from accessible healthcare to civil rights. I want a representative that will value all of her constituents' needs, not just some. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I do not seek special treatment. However, nominee Brzozowski acknowledges the unique issues faced by members of this community. As a second-generation citizen, I also affirm Dani Brzozowski's message that the circumstances of one's birth should not dictate whether or not someone deserves basic human rights and decency.

Whether you full-heartedly support all of her positions, you can observe that she cares about the issues she’s fighting for. She has the support of so many respected organizations, leaders, and unions. And in my opinion, she deserves your consideration too. Still unsure? Reach out. Dani and her team have made it clear they want to hear the concerns of those they plan on representing. Dani Brzozowski is proving that you do not need to "divide to conquer", but rather you should unite to lead.

Juan Muñoz
Coal City