Letter: Mark Gerhardt for judge

To the Editor:

Mark Gerhardt, who is running for McHenry County Circuit Judge on the Nov. 3 ballot, deserves your vote. I have had the pleasure of practicing against Judge Gerhardt when he was a private attorney and the pleasure of practicing before Judge Gerhardt while he was presiding over some of my cases.

I have known Judge Gerhardt for 18 years. I have always found him to be intelligent, ethical, and of highest integrity. Judge Gerhardt was the only recommended subcircuit 4 judicial candidate.

Judge Gerhardt has over nine years of experience presiding over both civil and criminal trials. He has always been fair and impartial for every person that appears before him. These are the types of qualities we, as attorneys respect in a judge.

Please join me in voting for Judge Mark R. Gerhardt on Nov. 3.

Robert W. Fetzner

Crystal Lake