Letter: Mark Gerhardt for circuit court judge

To the Editor:

Judge Mark Gerhardt is a candidate for Circuit Court Judge in McHenry County.He is eminently qualified for the office he is seeking.My opinion has a factual basis.

When I worked as a Circuit Court Judge in McHenry County, Mark Gerhardt worked as an Assistant State’s Attorney assigned to the courtrooms in which I worked. I saw Mr. Gerhardt and many other lawyers try case after case over the years.Mark Gerhardt is a talented lawyer. He developed enviable courtroom skills through his habits of industry and perseverance.

Later, when Mark Gerhardt applied for the position of Associate Judge, other circuit court judges and I voted to recommend his application to the Illinois Supreme Court.

He became Associate Judge Mark Gerhardt. This gave me the opportunity to watch Mark Gerhardt work as a judge. He did his work well, not only in the courtroom but also in the conference rooms along with the other judges in the administration of the court system.

He has demonstrated his considerable ability.

Experience counts!It is no surprise the Illinois Supreme Court appointed Mark Gerhardt to serve out the unexpired term of the Hon. Sharon Prather. Now Mark Gerhardt seeks election to that office and the opportunity to continue doing the job at which he is already succeeding.

Please vote for Mark Gerhardt for Circuit Court Judge in McHenry County.

Joseph P. Condon, retired Circuit Court Judge