April 18, 2021

What did Bears WR Allen Robinson have to say about his contract situation Wednesday?

Bears coach Matt Nagy and receiver Allen Robinson had a productive conversation this week. News of their talk came a day after Robinson scrubbed any mention of the Bears from his Instagram account and his social media bios.

Robinson is in the final year of his contract and, though he won’t outright say it, appears to want a new deal. Robinson spoke with the media Wednesday via Zoom .

“Yeah, you know, that’s pretty personal, but me and coach Nagy have a great relationship,” Robinson said Wednesday. “As everybody knows, he’s a big reason as far as me coming to Chicago, just my belief in his spirit and how he brings it each and every day. So we had a very good and spirited conversation.”

Robinson signed a three-year, $42 million contract with the Bears prior to the 2018 season, which was also Nagy's first season as coach.

Nagy said he has “zero concern” that his top offensive playmaker might be unhappy or doesn’t feel valued by the organization.

“When you’re just able to talk one-on-one and you listen – that’s the other key part of this, too, he listens, we listen – usually things end up pretty good,” Nagy said. “So I really don’t have any concern.”

Coach and player appear to be on good terms. Robinson sounded grateful to his teammates, many of whom supported him on social media over the past 24 hours. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky called Robinson “so reliable” on Wednesday.

The real conversations are going to have to happen between Robinson’s camp and general manager Ryan Pace and his team.

Robinson didn't outright say Wednesday whether or not he asked for a trade, although his agent has reportedly said they did not ask for a trade.

Asked if he expects to be a Chicago Bear by the end of the season, Robinson said this:

“You know, yeah, I would say so,” Robinson said. “Again, I mean, the tough question of that is, everything that was said or whatever the case may be, you know, I've talked to Ryan [Pace], I've talked to Coach Nagy. As far as everything else, we're in the clear with that. Like I said before, again, for me, it's about playing with these guys, playing with these guys in the locker room, playing for Coach Nagy. That never has really shifted.”