Genoa Scouts clean up Route 72

Genoa Boy Scout Troop 71 has been responsible for cleaning a 1.5 mile long section of Route 72 just east of downtown Genoa for many years as part of the Illinois Department of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway program. Most of the trash is usually related to alcohol, tobacco, fast food and things that fly off of trucks. But at the most recent collection, the scouts found $10 and $20 bills scattered in the grass. The source of the cash was the wayward purse of a 90-year-old woman from Highland Park. She was visiting the Kingston area and on the way home forgot her purse on her car roof after filling up with gas. The purse and its contents were returned to the woman. She offered a cash reward, but the troop refused. For information on Troop 71, call Scoutmaster Mike Andrews at 815-762-4175.