Furloughed at home, St. Charles Twp. man starts floral business Farmdog Flowers

Man turns passion for gardening into business, career

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ST. CHARLES – In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Gerrit Husar of St. Charles Township started a business, an organic micro flower farm called Farmdog Flowers.

Husar said he is lucky his parents have a quarter acre in unincorporated Kane County and they let him tear up their yard for him to plant flowers that he began selling at the St. Charles Farmers Market.

“In creating this business, I wanted it to be unique,” Husar, 24, said. “I have always had a passion for gardening.”

Husar had been furloughed from his job at a local design studio in March when the pandemic hit.

“I was just sitting around and I have to be productive,” Husar said. “I found myself going stir-crazy. As a creative person, I have to have an outlet.”

As time wore on, he focused on what he could do: He lives with his parents, already grows flowers that he turns into floral arrangements that he gives away, and he already had an entrepreneurial model in his father, who had owned a business.

“I want to make a business and a career out of it,” Husar said.

So with his parents’ blessing and support, he tore out a 60-by-55-foot section of their yard and planted 30 varieties of flowers.

“They have been nice enough to let me rip up their yard and pursue my dream,” Husar said. “They have been great. They are encouraging me. ‘If this is what you want to do, do it. You’re young. This is your time to do it.’”

In addition to the farmers market, Husar also offers bespoke – that is, made to order – floral arrangements for weddings and other events.

“I’m growing them from seeds in the ground to cutting and arranging them and delivering that product,” Husar said.

The family Yorkshire terrier, Ed, was the inspiration for the business name, Farmdog.

“He has to be in every piece of business,” Husar said. “Out in the flower field, he’s right there, his nose in the action. … Every hole I make, he puts his nose there.”

It was actually Husar’s mother who came up with Farmdog one night while they were brainstorming a business name, he said.

“Once she said the name Farmdog, I couldn’t get it out of my head,” Husar said.

He's currently using Instagram and Facebook for business updates while his website, farmdogflowers.com is currently under construction.

He can be reached by cell phone at 331-643-0163

“This all came about amidst the beginning of the COVID pandemic as a source of light – in not only my own life but in hopes of bringing light and color to others lives as well,” Husar said.