Letter: Trump's actions belie his claim he loves America

To the Editor:

To you Trump supporters, let me refresh your memory.

When President Obama took office from the previous Republican administration, the country was in a state of recession. President Obama had the economy up and growing when Trump took office. Now Trump tries to take all the credit for the economy growing.

If Trump loves this country and the American people so much, tell me why he used Chinese steel instead of U.S. steel and cheated the American workers out of the money owed them when he built Trump Tower.

Before he was elected, he had illegal immigrants working for him at his golf course, one for 7 years, one who stated Trump was aware of his his status. Now you know why the Trump administration does not prosecute the people who do the hiring.

The next time you complain about paying your income tax, think about this, in Trump's first 2 years in office, we taxpayers have paid $628,000 in Secret Service housing at Trump's golf course in New Jersey, and his Florida property. Golf is expensive.

To the person who sent me a hate letter and was too much of a coward to sign it: I served my country so we could have freedom of speech. I'm not afraid to sign my name.

Donald McKee