Letter: Tracking the body count in COVID-19

To the Editor:

As the self-inflicted hostage crisis muddles, feckless politicians sprint for tall grass to conceal their incompetence and duplicity.

Boarded up parishes next door to financially-thriving abortion clinics, conscience depraved policy wonks ingratiating a holocaust in our own backyard perpetuate a wanton slaughter condoned by a woefully misinformed, demonstrably indifferent populace huddled in masked silence pleading for ‘permission’ to inhale & exhale.

Bar graphs, pie-charts and worthless models explode across our widescreen hi-def monitors as we quietly, willfully exterminate twice as many innocent lives as are taken in pandemic hysteria in a totally preventable act of mindless convenience.

Someday soon, we pray, we’ll awaken to the fact that we’ve executed a future Nobel laureate epidemiologist discovering a lifesaving vaccine, a charismatic faith leader awakening the masses to truth and redemption or even a virtuous, selfless elected official capable of thoughtful, principled leadership in crisis driven times such as these.

William G. Parrot