Letter: You are not a coronavirus expert

To the Editor:

It amazes me daily how everyone has become the “armchair medic and crisis expert.” Why do people insist on having better knowledge on how to handle this pandemic of COVID19?

All levels of the government and the public are stressed out over the world's current situation. Pointing fingers or stating that one town/city, state or country isn’t handling this correctly is not going to help matters and only put more people in a bigger panic.

Let’s learn from the other countries that are weeks ahead of us. Let’s be smart with our excursion to get groceries and other necessities (true necessities). Let's be smart about social distancing when getting exercise and don’t congregate with people that are not your immediate family.

This is all over the news, so everyone should know this is what they are asking us to do. Thank you to all First Responders that are putting themselves at risk for us. Thank you to all of the essential stores and businesses that are available for our needs. Please be smart, be safe and stay healthy. God Speed.

Toni Sebastian