Letter: Facts and experts don’t lie

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To the Editor:

Alternative facts and fake news began with Donald Trump. He constantly uses lies, confusion and fear to govern. It appeases his base.

Even though he was warned about the seriousness of the covid19 pandemic early on, our President chose to ignore it and risk all of our lives. When experts try to put the extreme dangers of the virus into perspective, Trump continually downplays them.

His lies about the virus have morphed. It started as a Democratic hoax perpetrated by the fake media, to make sure that he doesn’t get re-elected. Then, President Trump said; ‘it’s like the flu, the flu kills more people every year’. After that, he realized covid19 was a ‘real’ problem that wasn’t going away.

So…he did like he always does, blamed it on ‘Obama.’ President Trump said; “I don’t take any responsibility”, even though he has been in office for more than 3 years and was warned this type of crisis could happen. If the system was broken, why didn’t President Trump fix it? He continues his child-like behavior.

Refusing to agree with the experts. There were no White House press conferences for more than a year. Now, because Trump has been forced to cancel his ego-building rallies, he holds daily ‘so-called’ press conferences.

He uses TV time to berate politicians asking for aid and then proudly claims that he has “done a great job”. He ‘sickly’ brags about the ‘ratings’ of his fake press conferences. Some religious leaders who follow Trump endangered the lives of their followers, continuing services and echoing Trumps…the virus is a ‘hoax’ message.

This makes me think about a line in Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol. It’s when solicitors are asking Mr. Scrooge for a donation to help the poor and starving. Mr. Scrooge sends them away, saying; ‘they best get on with it and decrease the surplus population’.

Stop listening to our self-proclaimed “very stable genius” President.

There are many people who know a lot more about covid19 than President Trump.

There are experts. Listen to them!

Stay healthy, my friends. Stay alive.

Bob Miller

Crystal Lake