Letter: Do your job, government

To the Editor:

The Department of Children and Family Services didn’t just drop the ball in AJ’s case, they lost it. This seems to be a common fault with many government institutions, from townships to the federal level. Most workers do their best, but there are some who just go through the motions, as they feel secure in their jobs.

Some get the job because of who they know or are related to or because of race or gender. Having dealt with many an agency over the years, I have seen the behavior first-hand.

Currently, I have to deal with the Department of Veterans Affairs, where they show this with a “we don’t have to because of this or that” attitude and we are the government. They do as they please and if you are a veteran and don’t like it then, “Oh well, nothing we can do but hope for the best.” Which, in many cases, that means you just keep trying.

In closing, government people who don’t do their job should be fired and then get the pleasure of having all the doors slammed shut to them.

James R. Jeschke