October 18, 2021

Letter: Prairie Grove not business-friendly

To the Editor:

To all future commercial developers and/or future retailers contemplating either building or establishing a business in Prairie Grove. Study the signage ordinance before making a decision.

The sign ordinance is so restrictive in its content that it does not allow your business to advertise: open/closed, promotions, feather banners, inflatables, specials, etc., on a continual annual basis.

Everything is temporary with time limits. Unfortunately, I don’t know a business that can pick 60 days a years to only promote.

Prairie Grove offers zero financial assistance (only municipal tax abatement or retail tax sharing), no TIF money and no improvement allowances even though it is starving for commercial development.

You would think a town of 900 with high property taxes would strive to help its residents control property tax, receive goods and services with close proximity to their homes and develop properties and businesses so as to establish a lucrative marriage of business and residence – not happening.

Terry Trobiani

Prairie Grove