June 10, 2023
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Joliet Slammers keep lid on Cards Against Humanity enigma

JOLIET – City Hall, too, has not been able to find out what's up with the Cards Against Humanity banner at Joliet Route 66 Stadium.

"It's the Slammers' arrangement. They're not even telling us," Deputy City Manager Steve Jones said Tuesday.

The banner reading "The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place" went up Friday, piquing the curiosity of people like Jones, who plays the dark humor card game created by a Chicago-based company.

Jones said he called the Slammers but could not find out anything.

Slammers' General Manager Heather Mills told The Herald-News on Monday that information would be available later in the week.

As of Tuesday, team management wasn't saying much other than that they can't say anything yet.

"There will be an announcement at the appropriate time," said Nick Semaca, team president and majority owner.

Jones said he expects the stadium and the Slammers will be part of a Cards Against Humanity holiday marketing campaign. A video promoting the campaign includes people looking over blueprints of what looks like a baseball stadium, although the Slammers are not mentioned.

While the city owns the stadium, Jones noted that the Slammers, who operate it, have certain management rights and probably have a confidentiality agreement with Cards Against America that has kept them mum on the banner so far.

Bob Okon

Bob Okon

Bob Okon covers local government for The Herald-News