Kaneville Public Library's sole employee to resign

Four library board members may step down

KANEVILLE – The Kaneville Public Library District Board is getting closer to replacing former Executive Director Lynda Fillipp as well as the rest of its staff.

Fillipp and associate Lynn Meredith worked their last days at the library at the end of August 2017.

Cindy Olson, head circulation assistant and the current lone employee of the library, is resigning, which will result in an entirely new staff.

“We’ve received five applications for the library director [position] and one’s from Sycamore, another Shabbona and Yorkville, and they all have library experience from what I can tell,” Annette Theobald, vice president of the library board, said. “We will review those in a closed session and also have Shannon [Halikias, library director of the Sugar Grove Public Library] look at them.”

Theobald explained that the board has waited to advertise positions for two new clerks as it wants the new library director to hire them.

“Since they will be supervising and working with them, the plan is for [the director] to hire them,” she said. “I think by next week we’ll advertise for clerks.”

In addition, plans for any kind of refurbishing inside the library have been put on hold at least until next year.

A few members of the public attended the meeting and one of their biggest concerns is the hours of the library. The board would like to see the library open more often and at least to be open late into the evening one day to accommodate the different schedules of Kaneville residents. The library is currently open until 6 p.m. twice a week.

Theobald acknowledged that there’s ongoing discussion about a potential adjustment in days and hours. There are limitations, especially since the new director is being hired for a 30-hour work week.

“There are no plans on changing anything until January once we get the right people in here,” she said.

The new staff and the public could be interacting with a different board next year as well, although the lack of interest from the public would have one believing otherwise.

The board is supposed to consist of eight members, but one spot remains unfilled. In addition, Theobald said that Karen Kneller, board president, is ready to step down.

Theobald’s been on the board for around 20 years as she noted that she was serving before her now 18-year-old daughter was born. She also admitted that she’s ready to step away.

Treasurer Peggy Domena-Ward and trustee Mary Niceley also appear ready to leave the board.

“Peggy’s ready to step down and retire,” Theobald said. “And Mary Niceley emailed and said she’s done but hasn’t typed it up officially, but she hasn’t been at a meeting in months.”

If the four depart, that would leave Jodi Springsteen, acting secretary, and trustees Mary Ebert and Denise Harris. Springsteen’s term ends in 2019 while Harris' and Ebert’s terms won’t be up until 2022.

Board members went uncontested in the previous election.