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moto imōto brings unique pairings and classic menu to St. Charles

moto imōto, located in downtown St. Charles, is dedicated to their delicious flavors and scrumptious menu. Chef and Culinary Partner Mike Bomberger, along with president and CEO Brad Goewey, understand the vital nuances of creating a standout restaurant.

“We really bring people together there and it’s really all about the food for all cultures,” Bomberger said. “When Brian and I put moto together, that’s really the feel that we wanted, that it would be a great gathering place and it is Asian food and also bringing in a lot of other cultures to the food.”

moto imōto’s menu features classic staples and more modern perfect pairings.

“We have your typically menu with crab wontons and pot stickers, and our spicey edamame is awesome but we do Korean fried chicken wings with Gochujang barbeque sauce, which is just phenomenal and paired with an Asian pear salad,” Bomberger said. “We also do lumpias which are Filipino-style eggrolls with pork and shrimp, Napa cabbage, green onions, bib lettuce and it comes with a lot of fresh herbs like mint basil and cilantro.” Some of their more unique menu items include lobster curry bisque, seaweed salad and a Thai noodle steak salad.

“We’re also very known for our sushi rolls, so you have your classic avocado cucumber and Philadelphia,” Bomberger said. “Then, we get into our signature rolls like our tempura sweet potato roll, our fire dragon roll, dynamite roll, moto imōto roll and others. Everything is made with fresh, sustainably caught fish.”

A great way to experience moto imōto is indulging in their lunch special menu.

“It’s a bento box lunch for $15,” Bomberger said. “You get jasmine rice or brown rice, it comes with a house salad or a miso soup and it comes with an avocado, spicy tuna or California roll. Then your main entrees for lunch specials are orange chicken, honey sesame chicken and a Panang curry chicken which is made with coconut milk, carrots, herbs, fresnos in a red curry sauce.”

moto imōto’s founders are proud and humbled by the success of the restaurant.

“Brian and I don’t take anything for granted, especially our team members and that’s who really makes the restaurant – they are like our family,” Bomberger said. “We work side by side with everybody and that’s really the key, to have your finger on the pulse.”

moto imōto is located at 181 S. First St., St. Charles.