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Wander along Joliet’s Taco Trail for some delicious eats

Joliet Taco Trail

Looking for a new culinary adventure? Heritage Corridor Destinations and Joliet City Center Partnership have launched the Joliet Taco Trail, a passport check-in program that challenges users to visit nine local taquerias and discover why Joliet is famous for its authentic and flavorful Mexican restaurants.

Access the Joliet Taco Trail at Taco lovers can download the free Heritage Corridor app. Check in at each location and enjoy a meal to earn an exclusive Joliet Taco Trail sticker.

Puerto Escondido

509 N. Chicago St., Joliet

Puerto Escondido is a family-oriented restaurant serving fresh, traditional Mexican dishes Tuesday through Sunday in downtown Joliet. With an ever-changing menu that features popular items like menudo with handmade tortillas, chicken mole enchiladas and breakfast offered every day, Puerto Escondido always offers something new and exciting along Route 66.

El Primo Mexican Restaurant

457 N. Scott St., Joliet

Located in the historic Stefanich’s Restaurant building in downtown Joliet, El Primo Mexican Restaurant is cooking delicious, authentic Mexican meals that have earned them a diehard following in Joliet and beyond. Looking for a great deal on the Taco Trail? Every Tuesday and Thursday, El Primo serves $1 tacos and half-price margaritas.

Sunshine Mexican Cafe

406 N. Scott St., Joliet

Offering a restaurant, food truck and catering, Sunshine Mexican Cafe is a family-owned establishment that prides itself on its creative cuisine at a great value. The cafe is lauded for the delicious high-quality tacos and taquitos, and an expansive menu of other authentic dishes that have earned them a devoted local following. You can dine in at Sunshine’s Scott Street location or find their mobile food truck at a number of popular local fests and events throughout the year.

The Blue Taco

79 N. Chicago St., Joliet

Incorporating bold international flavors, this fan-favorite fusion restaurant is serving up delicious and unexpected flavor combinations like Caribbean Jerk Tacos and Pineapple Blue Corn Tacos. Prepared fresh, Chef Moreno’s menu pulls from a wide variety of regions and inspirations, creating bold fusion dishes that keep fans coming back for more. In addition to tasty tacos, you’ll find an eclectic array of sandwiches, tortas, burritos, rice bowls and an ever-changing selection of specials.

Vela’s Restaurant & Lounge

226 E. Cass St., Joliet

Home to the legendary 60-ounce margarita, Vela’s also boasts a full menu filled with delectable and authentic Mexican favorites. Diners have their choice of beef, chicken, pork, bacon or steak tacos, alongside other favorites like tortas, tostadas, burritos, enchiladas and fajitas. Looking to add some flavor to your morning routine? Vela’s is also open for breakfast, serving up tasty Mexican breakfast classics like huevos rancheros and huevos con chorizo.

Supermercado Joliet

379 E. Cass St., Joliet

More than just a friendly neighborhood butcher and green grocer, Supermercado Joliet is home to a build-your-own taco bar. You choose your taco shell, any combination of meat, toppings and your choice of Supermercado’s five house-made salsas. Their menu also features harder-to-find items like steamed beef tongue tacos, salsa verde pork rind tacos and fresh beef jerky tacos. With it being known for nearly 30 years of experience serving the Joliet area with a dedication to using fresh and authentic ingredients, you’re bound to find a delicious taco at Supermercado Joliet.

Taquerias Atotonilco

500 E. Cass St., Joliet

This popular counter-service spot offers breakfast, burritos, tortas, homemade smoothies and plenty of delicious tacos al pastor. For more than 40 years, the regional chain has been beloved for the high-quality foods, generous portion sizes and fair prices – all resulting in some authentic and tasty Mexican food. You’ll find popular favorites like carne asada and al pastor tacos, alongside loaded avocado tacos and fresh fish tacos.

Taqueria Los Comales

510 Collins St., Joliet

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Taqueria Los Comales often has been called “Chicago’s Original Taqueria.” The Joliet location, conveniently located on Collins Street, is crafting the comfort foods, aromas and flavors that have made their Chicago locations famous. Mexico City-style tacos have earned a huge fan base over the last half century, with 17 locations peppered across the Chicago area.

The Taqueria Los Comales menu has nine varieties of tacos, with classics like marinated chicken, seasoned steak and chorizo, alongside a wide array of tortas, burritos and breakfast options.

La Villa

324 Collins St., Joliet

Known for flavorful tacos and homemade tortillas, La Villa is home to some delicious treats. Customers have their taco choice of steak, spicy pork, ground beef, chicken, beef tongue, shredded beef or pork rind. Those who are extra hungry can opt for La Villa’s large taco, available in a corn tortilla with your choice of beans, onion and cilantro. While you’re there, check out their huge menu of authentic Mexican favorites; from flautas to gorditas, you’re sure to find the delicious dish you’re craving.