Silver Cross COVID-19 hospitalization numbers drop to low 40s

As of Wednesday, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations at Silver Cross Hospital was at 43 with one awaiting results. This marks the second lowest it has been in months. On Friday, 56 people were hospitalized.

The numbers have fluctuated quite a bit lately, but it is a positive sign for this week.

There are currently five patients in the intensive care unit and two on a ventilator. There were eight in the ICU and one on a ventilator on Friday. Tuesday showed zero people on a ventilator. Silver Cross is showing a 6.9% seven-day positivity rate.

Since Friday, the hospital has tested 818 people for a grand total of 45,182, and 40 of those have come back positive for a grand total of 3,093, and has discharged 43 COVID-19 patients for a grand total of 1,871.

The Silver Cross COVID-19 dashboard is updated daily by 11 a.m.

Sean Hastings

Sean is a reporter for The Herald-News in Joliet covering the Village of New Lenox. He covers the local school districts, village board, and other community news and feature stories. He joined the staff in September 2020.