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Crest Hill gated community celebrates 20th anniversary with mayoral proclamation

Singles club at Carillon Lakes also collected school supplies for Chaney-Monge and Richland schools

Ray Soliman, the Mayor of Crest Hill, presented a city resolution proclaiming July 24, 2021, as Carillon Lakes Day.

The proclamation was in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the gated community in Crest Hill for active adults 55 and up

Karen Brown, Carillon Lakes HOA president, and Pat Adams, celebration coordinator, received the plaques from by Soliman.

In addition, the singles club at Carillon Lakes recently collected 11 boxes of school supplies from Carillon Lakes residents.

The school supplies were distributed to two schools in Crest Hill on Aug. 3, according to the single club vice president Suzanne Wodka.

Representatives from Chaney-Monge School District 88 and Richland School District 88A received the supplies.