LocalLit book preview: a book for educators on positively impacting students

Rufus Stephens and daughter Connie Johnson co-wrote ‘Leave a Mark!: 8 ways to help your students become their best selves’

This weekend I’ll be reading a book that’s aimed at educators but most likely has value for anyone who works with youth, including home-schooling teachers.

The book is called “Leave a Mark!: 8 ways to help your students become their best selves” and it’s co-written by former Joliet resident Rufus Stephens and his daughter Connie Johnson. Stephens said in an email that Johnson attended schools in Troy Community Consolidated School District 30C and Joliet Township High School District 204.

Here is the book’s Amazon description: “Educators impact lives daily, mold thoughts, and unlock talents in children. Here are eight ways you as a teacher, school counselor, or parent can leave positive, productive “marks”—often remembered for a lifetime—on your students and children. Impacts like the warmth of visibility and the power of safety help children strive and thrive. Teaching accountability and how to listen can empower children. Demonstrating belonging and caring can teach children to do the same.

“Personal and classroom experiences shared by the authors encourage, remind, and recognize the influence teachers have with their students and demonstrate both good “marks” and not-so-good “marks.” Reflection questions at the end of each chapter help you prepare to leave your own good marks!”

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I’l share my thoughts about the book on Tuesday.

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