LocalLit book preview: Poetry book focuses on ‘healing and spiritual growth’

Lockport author’s ‘Song of Sarahrose’ testifies to the power of prayer

About a month ago, Sarah Skandera of Lockport reached out to me and asked if I’d review her book. “Song of Sarahrose.”

Skandera said she’d overcome abuse and drug abuse. In her biography, Skandera wrote that she “learned young that life is not easy or pleasant” and that a good deal of her life was “a dark endless cycle of hardships, misfortune, abuse, lack of confidence, lack of love,” all of which she overcame through her faith.

“After years of drug addiction and playing the victim, Sarah now sings a song of redemption and hope,” according to her biography.

I’ve already flipped through “Song of Sarahrose” and liked what I saw. I can’t wait to read it this weekend and review it Tuesday in the LocalLit newsletter.

Here is its Amazon description: “Song of Sarahrose, a faith breathed spiritual experience! Poetry that embodies the thirst within us all, the courage to change, and the strength through God to never again fall. Her poetry takes us on a journey through the mind and heart of a broken woman. Calls she cried and clarity she found. A child raised by a twisted world, who found her life in Christ.”

“Song of Sarahrose” is available on Amazon.

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